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This issue’s batch of useful tips from our readers…

Apply a thin film of Vaseline or WD-40 to the threads of a light bulb before you screw it in. It will unscrew much more easily next time you need to replace it. —Alan Banner / Levittown


When your car’s windshield gets a little ding from flying debris, it will turn into a crack and spread if you don’t address the problem. Auto-glass places can repair it with epoxy, and there are epoxy kits available at auto supply stores that allow you to do it yourself. If you can’t get to it immediately, though, there is a cheap stopgap solution: clear packing tape.

Windshield dings spread when moisture gets in, then freezes and expands. This happens most often in winter, obviously. Wipe the area clean with a little fast-drying rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. Then put a small square of clear packing tape over the ding. If done carefully, this will keep out the rain and snow until the spring and it won’t interfere with your windshield wipers.

Take note: use packing tape only! Not duct tape, Scotch tape or any other kind of tape. Packing tape will not leave any harmful residue that will complicate the repair later on.

Walt J. / Fairless Hills


If you have a teenager who’s preparing to get a driver’s permit, check out a website called It has free sample permit tests for every state. There is also a Parent Resources section with some good tips to help you turn your teen into a safe driver. —Allie Viorst


I would advise anyone who buys those modern energy-efficient (and expensive) light bulbs to make sure they keep the receipt showing date of purchase. These bulbs often claim to last 10 years or more but I have bought some that didn’t last two years. A quick online search showed that one in four of these pricey bulbs don’t last anywhere near as long as their manufacturers claim. —R.C.


To clean coffee gunk and residue from your drip coffeemaker, fill the reservoir with water and drop in 4 Alka-Seltzer tablets. Give them a few minutes to dissolve and then run the brew cycle. The pills have bicarbonate of soda and citric acid in them, which cleans the tubes and chamber. Run it again once with clean water and you’re done.

Colleen Crier / Middletown Twp.

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