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A New Roof for a New Year

February 1, 2015 1:28 am0 commentsViews: 152
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The roof of the Northampton home of Erich and Kristine Uhlenbrock was beginning to spring one leak after another as the rainy days of fall turned into the icy sleet of December. The couple (photo right) had hoped to fix the aging roof one patch at a time, but medical expenses incurred by Mr. Uhlenbrock’s three year struggle with cancer had made even that stopgap approach too expensive. The $15,000 cost of a complete replacement roof, which is what was really needed, was simply out of reach.

Then Kristine’s mother, Joyce Palermo, learned about a local roofing company’s Holiday Roof Giveaway tradition. Every year, A. Brooks Construction, Inc. does at least one free roof replacement every holiday season for a family in need, along with several emergency repairs.

The annual free roof program began several years ago when Abe Brooks, owner of A. Brooks Construction, Inc. Kanga Roof, was moved by the plight of a neighbor who was buried under a pile of medical bills with a leaky roof and winter closing in. The gesture became a habit. “We give priority to those whose roofs are caving in or leaking,” said Mr. Brooks. “People with kids in the house, elderly people, disabled veterans, people who are undergoing family hardships or medical issues, people who need it the most.”

Mrs. Palermo sent in an entry form, and just before Christmas a crew arrived at the Uhlenbrock’s Churchville home and began tearing off the old leaky roof. Erich and Kristine Uhlenbrock, to their surprise and gratitude, ushered in the holidays and the brand new year with a brand new, watertight roof—a gift that Erich calls “incredible.”

The job was free but the A. Brooks Construction crew treated it no differently. They arrived on time, did expert work, and left the premises neat. “Customer service is ingrained in everything we do,” said Mr. Brooks. “It starts with the way we answer the phone. We train our guys and we are careful about who we hire. I want to know that anyone who sets foot on a customer’s property is someone who can be trusted—to do the job right and to be courteous and professional in dealing with the customer.”

Being reliable is important, too. “Customers are amazed,” Mr. Brooks added with a chuckle, “when a contractor actually shows up on time and follows through.” ■


Among those who generously donated their time and materials to the free roof effort were Pace Supply; Vile & Sons; Fred Lodini of Waste Management; radio station 1490 WBCB; Northampton Township; The Levittown Leader; and the Bucks County Courier Times.