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Step Back Please: On Line at the Pharmacy

February 16, 2013 1:54 am0 commentsViews: 51
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8131.114126.medThere was a haphazard line at the pick-up window inside my local Walgreens pharmacy and I waited my turn well back from the counter. The gal behind the counter was discussing a drug order and the various costs with her immediate customer. He apparently had to make a choice about which prescriptions to pick up due to costs. I was standing about ten feet away, yet there was another customer standing next to him who couldn’t help hearing every word and didn’t have the courtesy to step back. There were others waiting in front of me as well.  The pharmacy at my local supermarket doesn’t allow more than one person at the counter at one time for that very reason. I kept thinking how awful this was —I was embarrassed for this man. There was absolutely no privacy and furthermore, no one stepped back to give him any.

As each person was taken care of, I stood where I was in order to keep some space between me and the person at the counter. While I was waiting, another customer came in and waited just to the left and slightly forward of me, not behind me. There wasn’t a precise line really. When it was finally my turn to come to the counter, however, this guy started walking up. I stepped up and said “ah, it’s my turn”. He got a little defensive and explained that, after all, I had been standing back. It sounded more like an accusation than an apology as if this was my error, not his.

What he thought I was doing there I don’t know. I replied that I stood back to give people privacy. My words were wasted on him because he stood fairly close to me while I asked for my prescription. Was he going to get to the counter any sooner because he stood closer?  He was apparently annoyed that my order wasn’t easily found because by the time I turned around to go, he had left. Oops!

That’s two things that I really don’t like that Walgreens does: No privacy for their prescription customers, and at the normal check out, they make their employees ask if you want candy on sale . If the clerk fails to ask, you get it for free. There is something perverse about that. Maybe the supermarket is a better place to buy stuff. You have privacy at the drug counter and you can buy anything you want, without further coercion.