Shopping in Old Levittown

June 11, 2015 1:54 am0 commentsViews: 5213
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The first residents of Levittown often traveled to Bristol or even Trenton, New Jersey to do their shopping. When the Levittown Shopping Center, known as Shop-a-Rama, was completed in 1955, Levittown residents suddenly enjoyed many more options much closer to home. The sprawling, scenic outdoor complex offered 60+ businesses and enough parking for 6000 cars. By the mid-1950’s there were three sizable shopping plazas nearby: Shop-a-Rama, Country Club Shopping Center on Business Route 1 (now known as Langhorne Square Shopping Center), and the Fairless Hills Shopping Center off Oxford Valley Road. The old ads and photos on these pages span several decades of area stores, some big and some of the Mom & Pop variety. We hope they bring pleasant memories.

Special thanks to David Marable and Dan Addesa; photos of old ads by Alan J. Micklin.