Love Affairs

June 24, 2013 2:13 pm0 commentsViews: 83
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xOldLovingCoupleYesterday I watched an older couple get out of their car and head for the church. Right away he held out his hand, she took it, and thus they proceeded, side by side, on their way.

I knew of a man who, getting ready to board a train for a long trip and for which he had a ticket, stopped to buy a poinsettia for his wife. While he was doing so the train whistle blew and the train started to leave the station. But he finished his transaction, ran after the train and caught it. The wife and her poinsettia were more important than the ease of getting on the train.

The artist Henri Matisse on leaving his studio for the day went to look for a gift for his wife. His friend said to him “You are still courting her.” He replied “C’est vrai.” (It’s true.)

I live a solitary life. I don’t have a hand to hold or a wife or lady friend to buy flowers for, but in this cruel, disintegrated society, it pleases me to know that some relationships are still solid and romance in its best form still exists.