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Levittown Then…Dandelions & Honeysuckle

September 20, 2013 1:58 pm0 commentsViews: 133
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LevThen-DandelionChainThe photo above (courtesy of Connie Pickering Stover) was posted on the wall of the Facebook group Levittown, PA…which section are you from? It generated a long thread of comments from current and former Levittowners, fondly reminiscing about a simpler time. Some of those comments are reprinted here. Levittown, PA…which section are you from? has over 4,000 members and welcomes new ones.

 Connie P.S.: Who remembers when you could waste an entire day feverishly creating nothing but fun? Here’s a 1960 photo of my sister Pam getting all the kids in the neighborhood to tie dandelions end to end for no apparent reason at all. That chain stretched from our house, past the Liberatore’s and on to the Bickel’s at the corner in Quincy Hollow.

Gerry F: Wasn’t it great when there were no fences?

Mitzie P: And you could run through everyone’s backyard to get from one house to another.

Connie P.S.: The Bickel’s back yard had a huge hill behind it. We would spend hours throwing ourselves on the ground and rolling down that hill. I can still smell the grass as we rolled over it.

Maggie G:  We once made a gum wrapper chain that spanned half the block on June Road in Juniper Hills. We used mostly Teaberry, Black Jack, and whatever the cinnamon was. Oh, and Juicy Fruit, too. Unfortunately, no one ever thought to take a picture of it. :-(

Connie T: There were plenty of dandelions to work with, that’s for sure. BTW, Pam looks like she’s wearing an old gym uniform. Remember the bloomers? OMG.

Marcie C: Magnolia Hill means Bridal Wreath and Lilacs, roller skating down the hills, learning to ice skate in “The Ditch” and taking picnic lunches to “The Woods.”

Bob W: Great photo – it looks like it could have been taken in our backyards in Appletree as well.

Polly H: Time spent playing Red Rover, Simon Says, always hopscotch on the driveway or the sidewalk, bike riding with baseball cards on the spokes. . . . catching fireflies at the end of the day!

 Patti B: Oh, catching the lightning bugs at night all up and down the street and during the day,making honeysuckle perfume… we had a huge honeysuckle bush in our yard, I loved when our bedroom window was open at night and you could smell the honeysuckle when it was breezy.

 Denise T: Those were the days! There will never be another time as great!

 Cheryl D: We lived the good life and didn’t know it until now.