Just for Kicks, Take This NFL Kickers Trivia Quiz

November 1, 2017 6:41 pm0 commentsViews: 58
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Scroll all the way down for answers.


1)  How long was the longest field goal in NFL history (as of October 2017) and who kicked it?


2)  The leading field goal kicker in NFL history kicked 565 of them over a 25 year career. Who was he?


3)  This Eagles kicker led the NFL in scoring in 1986 and booted a 30 yard FG in Super Bowl XV. As a rookie he booted a 59-yarder, which was extra impressive since he always kicked barefoot.


4)  This kicker won the NFL’s MVP award in 1982 and remains the only kicker to ever win that award.


5)  In 1973, he was the first pure punter ever selected in the first round of the NFL draft. He proved to be worth the high pick, eventually going on to become the first pure punter ever inducted into the Hall of Fame. Who was he and what team drafted him?


6) In 2006, this New England Patriots backup quarterback surprised the Miami Dolphins by attempting an old-fashioned drop kick, in which the kicker drops the ball and lets it bounce off the turf before kicking it. The kick went through the uprights for an extra point and was the NFL’s first successful drop kick since 1941.


7) This pair of brothers, both Neshaminy High School graduates, played professional soccer before going on to long and distinguished careers as placekickers in the NFL.


8)  This 6-time Pro Bowl kicker is still the Eagles’ all-time scoring leader. He and his wife launched the Kicks for Kids Foundation, which works with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to benefit sick children and their families.


9) A fair catch is allowed when receiving a punt, but is a player allowed to call for a fair catch when receiving a kickoff?


10)  EXTRA POINT: how far apart are the uprights of an NFL goal post?







(1)  64 yards, Matt Prater of the Denver Broncos (in 2013)


(2)  Morten Andersen, who played on five NFL teams.


(3)  Tony Franklin


(4)  Mark Moseley, Washington Redskins


(5)  Ray Guy, Oakland Raiders


(6)  Doug Flutie


(7)  Matt and Chris Bahr


(8)  David Akers


(9)  Yes, although it rarely happens.


(10)  18 feet, 6 inches