In Memory of Dana Bate

August 23, 2013 2:55 pm0 commentsViews: 119
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Dana Bate, a multi-talented writer, artist and actor who lived in Bristol, passed away on July 29 from severe pneumonia. “He fought till the end,” said his friend and fellow artist Linda Reboh. “Even on oxygen he asked us to get him a beer and a cigarette.” Ms. Reboh recounted a favorite anecdote about Mr. Bate. “A broadcaster once took credit for something Dana had created. He was asked by a friend if that bothered him. ‘They can steal my fish,’ he replied, ‘but they can’t take my ocean.’ He knew he had an ocean of ideas inside him. So what if someone stole a fish?” Dana Bate was a frequent contributing writer for The Levittown Leader. His essays often focused on small scenes and details of everyday life, in which he found drama, comedy, and meaning.

You can read selected works by Dana HERE.