How I Beat the Winter Doldrums

March 9, 2013 6:29 pm0 commentsViews: 13
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Every year my sister’s children give us a ticket to a Broadway show in New York as a gift. Usually it is in February, just about the time when you are ready to end all the cold and cabin fever you have endured since the onset of the winter season.

New York City is always an adventure, but now that we are in our 70s it is even more so. Last year, for instance, my feet found the one uneven part of the sidewalk and down I went! No sooner had my face kissed the sidewalk than I found myself standing upright again. A passerby had witnessed my fall and immediately came to my rescue. Now that was a real “pick up!”

This year the adventure continued. As we settled into our seats on the train, in came a young man dressed in a short fake fur jacket (pretty ratty looking), black tights, short cut-off jeans and psychedelic shoes. He also wore a boatload of jewelry, all rhinestones. He was actually very handsome under all that finery, but if you enjoy people watching he certainly got your attention. He was something you don’t see every day.

We arrived at the city and took a cab to the theatre district. We were early for our show and decided to go to a nearby Red Lobster to wait. There would have been a 40 minute wait to get a table so we sat at the bar instead. For a minute I thought we had made a wrong turn and ended up in Boston; I felt like part of Cheers episode. The friendly bartender regaled us with many stories about the place until it was time to head back and see the show.

As we sat comfortably in the theatre waiting for the curtain to rise, I enjoyed looking around at all the people, their outfits, their enthusiasm—something I don’t always see in Levittown as I stay indoors doing my usual household chores.

The show was wonderful, and when it was over we headed outside to find a taxi. By now the sun had faded and a cold wind was whipping around—and, you guessed it, there were no empty taxis to be found. We set off on the long walk to the train station, chilled to the bone, when out of nowhere appeared a bicycle drawn rickshaw! Too cold to be cautious, we jumped aboard.

As we approached 34th Street I realized we had indeed found our own “Miracle on 34th Street”. It was a miracle that we got to the train station in one piece! As we exited the rickshaw I asked the driver—who appeared to be Asian—his name. “Giovanni,” he said.

Now I ask you: when you are feeling the winter blahs, what better way to beat it than spending the day in New York City, making memories with a special person in your life? Next winter, I highly recommend that you give it a try.

Photo courtesy of Krista Brownlee. “I am a Pittsburgh industrial and documentary photographer who took the photo while attending a trade show in New York. I was in Times Square at the time.” You can visit Krista’s web site and blog at