Adventures in Babysitting

June 24, 2013 2:22 pm0 commentsViews: 33
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xSpidermanBoyNow that I am partially retired I babysit my grandchildren more often. What a hoot! I have two little grandsons, ages 5 and 6. I have never seen such imagination.

In today’s high-tech world I was pleasantly surprised to watch them draw train tracks with chalk. They even created a ticket booth and tickets and then took me on a trip around the front yard. After our third time around I said that my knee was acting up and I would have to sit this one out. “Why don’t you get some stilts?” the younger one asked.

Later we went inside to play with Legos. I didn’t do very well and so they made me watch a video about Batman, his cave, and all his friends and enemies. Later, while I was trying to fit the right Lego pieces together, they appeared—carrying, very reverently, a black glove.

It belonged to Batman, they explained, and “it must not get into the wrong hands!” Then they took turns putting the glove on and pointing at each other; the one who was pointed at immediately fell to the ground as if shot. They were both so serious, I struggled hard not to laugh.

The older one disappeared and came back in a full Spiderman outfit, and a little later a hat (two sizes too small) that belonged, he said, to Indiana Jones. I thought going to New York and Broadway was fun but this beat all!

Now it was lunchtime and I decided to take them out for pizza. I’m not very familiar with the area where they live (Cherry Hill, NJ) and wasn’t sure about directions. The older one claimed to know the way, and it turned out he really did. We went on to have a nice lunch.

When leaving the restaurant, I went out the wrong exit from the parking lot. As I drove down the road I heard little voices coming from the back seat. “Here she goes the wrong way, we need to tell her to turn around and make a left to go home.” They were so casual about it that I asked if anyone else had gotten lost. “Grandpa,” they said.

I followed their directions once again while praying that at 6 he really did know his left from his right! Later, as I drove home, I found myself smiling at such a fun day. Maybe these golden years aren’t so bad after all.