About Us

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The Lower Bucks Leader focuses on the truly local things that residents want to know. A typical issue includes tips, comments, opinions and anecdotes from our neighbors, sounding off on the local businesses, local happenings, and life in general. Readers can find out about fun things to do, learn a little hometown history, or share some high school memories with old classmates. They can find useful advice from local experts on how to take care of their money, their house, their kids, their careers, and their health. They can see artwork by our kids, or meet the pets in the neighborhood. Or they can just do the crossword puzzle or one of our frequent sports or trivia quizzes.

At The Lower Bucks Leader, our goal is to give you a reason to pick up our paper every time it comes out. You’ll find something you hadn’t known before, something to make you laugh, and something to make you think. You’ll find something your kids will enjoy seeing. Maybe you’ll see someone you know—maybe you’ll even see yourself.  You’ll always find something interesting when you pick up The Lower Bucks Leader. And you’ll find it at a price you like—it’s free!